IMAGINE. . .What your organization or business could do with new or improved or expanded physical space?…more production, or customer service; a new or re-invigorated image; a new location in a high-growth area ? It’s easier to imagine operating from your new space than envisioning the hundreds of steps necessary to get from “What if. . .?” to “Welcome to our Grand Opening.” But go ahead– Bacon Commercial Design can take you there from here.

PLAN. . .Identify and evaluate all the viable options–properties, types of building construction, size, budgets. What workflow works best with your people and operation? Identify your priorities and order them to lead you to logical, business decisions about your new building / expansion / renovation. See 3-D models of the interior layout and exterior architectural design. Weigh relative costs with various benefits like quality of building construction, built-in expansion space, future re-sale value, and initial construction costs versus ongoing maintenance and operations. . .

BUILD…with confidence. Your architectural design plan has been analyzed, tweaked and cost-benefitted. You know it’s right. Permits have been issued, reviews are complete. The costs, building construction time and quality of the finished product are set. Your only worries now are whether your competitor is up to the same thing you are. You have a partner to guide you through the contracting procedure and act in your best interest throughout the construction.