Ste. Genevieve Museum Learning Center

Project Awarded to BCD in May 2017. Two existing buildings will be rehabbed for use as a new home for the current local museum, as well as additional exhibits of general, Natural History interest.

Photo of original buildings

Follow the project’s progress and learn about their new mission from their web page: click here. . .

BCD will be working with the Museum’s new Curators, current staff, fund-raising and construction committees, local historical design requirements, and utility providers to maximize rebates for efficient systems to be installed.

Photo of current buildings, prior to any remodeling

A preliminary rendering of the restored buildings was prepared early in the fund raising process to give an idea of the scale. Final design and details were developed as the project progressed and more was known about the building physically and structurally.

Preliminary Concept, watercolor rendered

The building is in the town’s Historical District, so a design review was conducted to ensure the finished project would fit with the character of the other buildings in the area. BCD prepared a front Elevation drawing to define the work to be done and its intended appearance upon completion.  An area that had been a private driveway between buildings will become an outdoor entry and activity courtyard for the remodeled facility.

Front view shown in Historic District Commission Review submittal
Modeled view of front elevation at night, with new feature lighting at restored building front, and New Adjacent Entry/Activity Courtyard