Offices, Corporate & Retail

  • Addition to existing Log Cabin Residence and Remodeling for conversion to Corporate Training and Sales Facility; Ste. Genevieve

    Existing Cabin, with new Corporate Training Room/Media Center
  • Remodel of Existing Building for County Emergency Management & Operations Facility; Herculaneum
  • Remodel of Existing Building for New Corporate Offices and Warehousing; Fenton
  • Remodel of Existing Mall space for New Kitchen Cabinet Retailer; Fenton
  • New Offices and Vehicle Storage for Trucking & Heavy Equipment Company; Festus
  • Remodel former Bank Building for New Loan Processing Offices; Pevely
  • Addition to Existing Building for City Office Space; Festus
  • Remodel Existing Tenant Space for New Men’s Hair Salon; Festus, Troy, and Farmington
  • Remodel various Existing Tenant Mall Spaces, with Master Planning for future Redevelopment; Farmington
  • Build Out Tenant Space for New Specialty Dessert Shop; Arnold
  • Build Out Tenant Space for New Audiology Consulting Office; Herculaneum